Friday, September 5, 2014

My Testimony: Are You Serious?


It was one boring afternoon, my last period of class was done. And then this girl with a guy came in our classroom. My classmates were so noisy, our president needed to asked them to shut their mouths so we could hear and listen to what these pips will gonna tell us. And so they did. Some of them hear what they were saying. Some, they listen - I know because some were quiet and looking at the two in front of us, and because I sure am, one of them, who listens

They invited us to come with them to this event for students, they said it was some kind of party place, - which what made us – 1st year college students who wants to explore things and loves to try new things - hooked. So as boring as we were. We said yes. 

The party has started when we arrived. People were singing, dancing, laughing.. and I told myself. 'Hmm..this is not bad, I think'  The song was lively and joyful. I don't understand the words. But sure it has catchy rhythm. 

The last song started to play, and it was a mellow one. I can't remember the song. but sure enough some people were crying. You think people there were crazy? That's exactly what I thought that moment. High five!

The song ended, a guy entered the stage, talked about offering. Then after, this woman, took the stage. She started to talk about life, achievement, skills, education, and problems, she has meaningful and inspiring words, She's a good preacher. I guess.

I hear the words she was saying. I tried to listen and understand. In the middle of her preaching. I am started to get bored. I checked my watch to see what time it was. It’s almost 7:00 in the evening. I started to list down the things I needed to do that night, 'Hmm.. my assignment in accounting.. oh my, I think I ll fail that subject.. tsk.. then, ugh! my laundry.."

"..sometimes you thought you are in control of the things happening in your life.." the woman in the stage says. Accompanying by a background piano music. I lift up my head and look at her again. 

"You are successful, you have achievements, your life is okay, you have friends, you have your family.. you are doing everything that you wanted.. " she continues.. 

"But I know, you know, we all know, that at the end of the day.. When you are laying at your bed, head on your pillow.. you’ll say to yourself.. there's something that is missing.."

and BINGO! This woman, just struck me. I was rooted on the spot, (well, I was sitting, of course I am) and felt like she's talking directly to me. I was looking at her, wide eyed, without even a blink. I am hanging in every words she is saying.. and I know I am ready that time because I was agitated to hear what else will she gonna say.. 

" know what it is? That something you are missing?.. You are missing God in your life. Your life is no meaning without Him. I tell you, in spite of everything. at the end of it all, you will still feel empty. And that emptiness you feel, is because you are lacking Life in your life. And that Life is Him, Jesus Christ. 'For I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes through the Father except through me. John 14:6  You may think you have everything in life, but are you satisfied with what you have right now? are you contented? do you not feel that emptiness within you? Check your heart. Assess your life. I know you have a lot of baggage, baggage that stops you growing with your relationship with Him. Your achievement and accomplishments? wealth? even your problems.. those are stopping you to come to the Lord.. Sometimes you thought, you can do everything on your own.. but you are wrong. You need God, you need Him to guide you, to help you, to make everything in your life in order, to give you peace, joy, and strength. You need Him.”

Do you think she’s serious? God can do that? Can He give that to me?

“..Surrender everything to Him, and let Him carry your baggage for you. Just allow Him to enter your life, and make Him the controller of it.”

I was so overwhelmed, I felt tears on my cheek and I was moving.. walking in front of the stage as she asked if I am willing to surrender everything to Him, then come forward. I did. 

I sure did.

Because come on, who wants to refuse if someone is giving you life? Giving you peace. Joy. Contentment. That you’ll feel satisfy. And if that someone can lighten up your life, then why not?

I was 16 years old back then, I will never forget that moment when I prayed to Him. Praying to Him to forgive me from all the wrong things I have done. And admit that I am not the controller of my life. That I can’t do everything on my own. Pray that He accepts me and welcome me in His arms. Believes that He's the savior of life. I told Him that from that day forward, He’s gonna be the basis and foundation of my life.

It was August 2007 when I came to know Jesus Christ. That day, He became the light to my path. The truth to my lies. The right to my wrongs. The strength when I am weak. My refuge. My peace. The foundation of my life. The life of my life. 

From The Inside Out

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