Friday, September 5, 2014

He says these..

TRULY GOD moves in mysterious ways. He sure will makes things chaos for Him to put it in order. 
He sure will take away the things unnecessary and replace it with new. He sure will put you to test to strengthens you. He sure gives you challenges that He knows you could conquer. 

"My life is unperfect and I am not perfect. I still have my struggles until now, but as I grow in my relationship with Jesus, He gives me the grace to resist and overcome sin. My transformation is not yet complete but I trust that he will finish the work that he started in me.

I dont worry about my past anymore nor am I anxious about my future because as Paul will put it, Is is no longer I who lives, but it Christ who lives in me.

My name is Hayden Kho Jr, once lost but now found by Him, who redeems, who confirms, who strengthens, restores and make things all new. "

-Hayden Kho Jr

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